Fashion Jewelry is Popular in moviews

B14001ZA0It was in 1991 that the Disney princess Belle was introduced to the world. This French beauty from the movie The Beauty and the Beast is epitomized in a yellow gold ring adorned with rubies alongside yellow and blue sapphires. Aladdin’s Jasmine is the sixth Disney princess who embarks on a magical journey with Aladdin, in spite of him not being a prince. Click here

To capture this fascinating story, how about white gold ring with a blue sapphire at the center? Pocahontas, the seventh Disney princess was born in 1995. Her adventurous streak is brought to the fore through a rose gold ring with a smokey quartz and red garnet. Mulan is the next in line. The manly traits of this courageous princess are depicted in a white gold ring with an emerald gemstone and black diamonds.


Tiana, the ninth of the Disney princesses, is both ambitious and hardworking. Under a spell that transforms her into a frog, she is best represented by an elegant ring that features green emeralds and tourmaline. Rapunzel, added to the franchise only in 2010, is characterized by exceptional long hair that is reflected in the braided gold ring that is made even more stunning by the beautiful amethyst at the center.

ring3Each of these engagement rings even come in the fashion jewelry markets with a personalized message that captures the entire essence of these fabulous tales. Snow white for instance, with her ebony hair and red lips brings to life the classic ruby ring surrounded by yellow and blue sapphires. Cinderella, first released in 1950, is a princess that embodies admirable traits like generosity, patience and intelligence. This is reflected in an engagement ring with a blue topaz at the centre surrounded by aquamarine gemstones.

Diamonds: Not Just for Engagements and Weddings

081601Diamonds have always been seen as a symbol of joining together, making it an ideal option for engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Intrinsically linked with love and romance, diamonds have always been the first choice to announce to the world “I’m engaged!” However, most people tend to forget that a diamond has connotations much beyond this too.

It is an extremely precious, stunning, graceful and elegant piece of stone that yells class and sophistication. It is expensive, hence is considered to be symbolic of your status in society. Though it is not easy to break from the idea of diamonds being essentially for marriages and engagements, one has to try and break the mould to discover what all diamond is about!

G-bracelt3With fashions changing almost every fortnight, designers are finding extremely innovative ways to use diamonds in their new range of jewelry. Diamonds come in various cuts, sizes, shapes and colors, and hence are quite versatile stones to use. Till sometime back, diamonds were best known to be part of either solitaire rings or as settings to accentuate other gemstones. But today, countless new ways have been crafted by jewellers to include diamonds in varied settings and with varied metals including silver, platinum and gold in different hues.

To make diamond a fashion statement, diamonds in different colors, other than white, are being increasingly used either alone or in mixing. Black and white is the latest craze as more and more rings and bracelets are now being made with a combination of black and white diamonds. Equally classic is the combination of yellow diamond with white, as well as brown diamonds in wonderful rose gold setting.

Cocktail Rings: Then and Now!

Just like any piece of statement fashion jewelry, cocktail rings have been quite a rage amongst the jewelry connoisseurs. While any statement ring is called a cocktail ring these days, same was not true earlier.
Originally, really big rings with large, dramatic stones at the centre and diamond accents were called a cocktail rings. Except the left ring finger which is left vacant for weddings and engagement rings, a cocktail ring can be worn in any finger.
Some consumers might not like the fact that cocktail rings are too ostentatious and showy but that is the only point of wearing a cocktail ring! It is meant to draw attention to your hands, hence the bigger it is, the better!
Cocktail rings have a long and interesting history and it needs to be understood to fully appreciate the beauty of these rings. Cocktail ring’s history can be traced back to the America of 1920s during the prohibition era when alcohol was banned. During that time, people held drinking or cocktail parties that were illegal. Particularly for women, this was the time of greater freedom for them, including the right to vote. The flapper fashion of the era was represented by short hair and skirts, women drank and smoked, had greater spending power and the freedom to use contraceptive pills. This rising consumerism was reflected in the art deco jewelry of the 1920s.

The Charm of Bracelet Charms

Focusing all the attention on your wrist, a bracelet charm is an interesting fashion jewelry item that is quite popular amongst the modern women of today. It’s real appeal lies in the dozens of decorative pendants and trinkets that make this jingling ornament an item worth flashing. Bracelet charms are also quite interesting to look at as it tells a lot of important things about the wearer. Since time immemorial, humans have carried talismans that are believed to bring them good luck, along with warding off the evil spirits. The origin of bracelet charms can be traced back to the Neolithic age when charms were made of wood shell, stone and bone.

It was during the time of the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs that lots of metals and stones were started to be used to build and decorate bracelet charms. Its heydays can be traced back to the 1950s, after which there was a fall out until the early 2000s when the charm of bracelet charms was again discovered. Today, top international designers have added new designs and dimensions to the bracelet charm and increased its appeal and charm by manifolds.

Valentine Banner

Today, bracelet charms are one of the most important elements amid fashion jewelry, and its varied forms and styles have flooded the market like never before. This appealing piece of finery with quirky figurines dangling from the links is a must have accessory for every occasion. Its appeal lies in the fact that bracelet charms are quite personalized and when examined carefully can reveal a lot about the wearer’s personality, life, likes and experiences. These charms of today might not bring you good luck in the ancient sense but is sure to get you all the attention you deserve at the next soiree you attend!G-bracelt3

Great Tips on Buying the Perfect Fashion Ring

Great Tips on Buying the Perfect Fashion Ring
otenyo Rings or bands are fabulous fashion accessories. Nowadays, the market is flooded with fashion rings. However, you need not feel overwhelmed with the number of varietie081601s available. Simply read on to learn how you can select the most spectacular piece of jewelry for you.
Choose a design that reflects your personality

By wearing bands, you can tell the world much about you. Dainty designs like hearts, birds, and butterflies are best suited for romantic women. Similarly, if you like to be different from the crowd then you could go for eccentric ring designs that depict abstract art.

For those, who wish to stay traditional should choose stone or base metal bands, which are made of gold, silver, and stainless steel. You will find a huge variety of these ornaments over the internet. Browse through the collection carefully and choose one, which will complement your personality.

Wear the ring to learn how it looks on you

It is best to wear rings before purchasing one. This piece of ornament should make your hand look attractive. The color of the ring should go well with your skin color. Since everyone’s preference and definition of beauty is different, you should wear the jewelry and decide by yourself. Generally, bands that blend with your skin tone and make your finger look long and slender are worth a purchase. Remember, by only wearing a good-looking ring, you will feel confident.

In case, you are purchasing a ring online, you should choose an online jewelry shop, which allows you to return purchased products.

The ring should be trendy

Make sure that the ring you choose is of latest fashion. Since the market of colorful fashion rings is erupting with new designs every other day, you should always ask for the latest designs.

As every jewelry store claims that they have ornaments in the latest designs, you will have to educate yourself about the current ones so that you can make an informed decision. For achieving this purpose, you will have to do thorough research. Read fashion magazines and visit the websites of popular jewelry stores to learn about the latest trends.

Get a customized ring12227019_444372535766025_3835063415245164548_n

You can have a fashion ring especially designed for you. There are many jewelry stores, which offer this facility. You can draw your unique design and present it to the jeweler. He will prepare the ring for you. In case, you are interested in flaunting the latest design in the market then you can ask a jewelry designer to prepare a design as per the current trend.